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Axis IV, coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries, through the Cultural Heritage Institute, aims at the rehabilitation of historical and religious heritage at the national level.

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“Cabo Verde Archaeological Inventory: contribution to a tool for the management and enhancement of Cultural Heritage” appears in the perspective of making a contribution to research and knowledge of the country's archaeological heritage.

This work is the result of the master's dissertation of the archaeologist Nireide Tavares, supervised by Professors Mariana Diniz and Maria Manuel Ferraz Torrão, from the Faculty of Arts, Universidade de Lisboa.

Check out the two volumes of the thesis here: 

  • Archaeological Inventory of Cabo Verde: contribution to a tool for cultural heritage management and enhancement - Volume I (See/Download.Pdf)Ver/Download.Pdf)
  • Archaeological Inventory of Cabo Verde: contribution to a tool for cultural heritage management and enhancement - Volume II (See/Download.Pdf) – Volume II (Ver/Download.Pdf)

The focus on sustainable and feasible projects that tend to enhance and boost the cultural heritage is an imperative of new times. It is in this context, which includes the project called, "Historic Archaeological Site of Trindade: Sustainable Tourism Rehabilitation Program".

The heritage complex of Trindade) is closely linked to the history of Cidade Velha, since, in 1712, when the French pirate Jacques Cassard attacked Cidade Velha, it was in this locality that Bishop Frei Francisco Santo Agostinho took refuge, remaining on this property until his death in 1719.

The Historical Archaeological Site of Trindade is today a heritage with unique characteristics in the heritage context of Cabo Verde. It has enough intrinsic and extrinsic values that allow us to present arguments for its valorization and protection.

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The IPC, through the various departments of services, has a portfolio of projects, the execution of which will require the recruitment of partners, and close collaboration with the various sectors and public and private institutions.

Through cultural diplomacy, the IPC has set the conditions for the effective safeguarding and enhancement of cultural heritage, by mobilising the financial means available in the various funding funds, as well as through cultural patronage and sponsorshi.

Below are some of the projects developed between 2018 and 2020.

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See the Atlas of the Indicative List of Cabo Verdeat UNESCO.
A document that aims to promote the Properties included in the Indicative List of Cabo Verde, their cultural and natural values, highlighting their potential as essential components of the national heritage legacy (See/Download.Pdf).Ver/Download.Pdf).